Full Spectrum and Distillate Vape Carts (0.5 & 1 G)

Both a Full Spectrum and Distillate THC Oil, extracted using CO2, producing a vaping cartridge that provides a unqiue blend of potency and flavor.

Bulk Distillate Oil

Bulk THC Distillate Oil, extracted using CO2, is the perfect ingredient for use in any type of product formulation and manufacturing looking for the highest quality.

Gummy and Other Edibles

Delicious THC Gummy and other edible products will be online in 1st Quarter of 2024.


CO2 Concentrates are now available in a variety of natural flavors to produce an amazing experience with a unbelievable taste.

Tinctures and Elixirs

Just a few drops is all you will need for a wonderful experience with our Tinctures and Elixirs. Available in the 1st Quarter of 2024.