Hemp and New York State Law

New York is cultivating the industrial hemp market and supporting new opportunities to grow this multi-million dollar crop, which is used in the manufacture of an estimated 25,000+ products—from clothing and food to building materials and pharmaceuticals.

To encourage the growth of New York’s research program and to quickly gain critical research data, New York has undertaken a major research project that significantly increases in the State’s production.

The research project focuses on developing basic agronomic and production cost information for growing industrial hemp at scale in different locations under New York State conditions. The industrial hemp grown in this project may also be sold for further processing, which will develop price data from the open market. These sets of agronomic, cost-of-production, and business data will be distilled into useful and practical knowledge to inform production decisions related to future growth in the industrial hemp industry.

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Senator Chuck Schumer supports New York Industrial Hemp and High End Multi Processing